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Install a medical gas system

Nowadays, Medical gas system is one of important system to treat patient in patient’s dormitory, Surgery room, emergency room and other departments. Medical gas systems are high risk systems, users and those involved should have knowledge and understanding of working principles, components. Using and maintenance and corrective techniques problem for good use quality and safety for use in treating patients by supplying into the patient’s body together with use it with tools to treat patients. We distribute equipment used in medical gas systems such as Well Suction Unit Oxygen Flowmeter or various Humidifiers, etc., including design, installation, maintenance, and consulting on gas systems. Comprehensive medical services with personnel who have expertise and experience in medical gas systems.

oxygen therapy

Oxygen is an essential substance for life. If the lack of oxygen for a few minutes causing brain death and fatal when breathing air enters the lungs. Oxygen will penetrate through the walls of the alveoli and capillaries to dissolve in the blood also bind to hemoglobin in red blood cells The heart acts as a pump, pumping blood that receives oxygen from the lungs and injects it along the arteries to various organs. Although, the capillaries that spread as a net in the tissues throughout the body to deliver oxygen provides cells to use. These capillaries are combined to form veins for bring blood that is high in carbon dioxide in order to return receive oxygen back again. Our bodies must always maintain adequate oxygen levels in the tissues. However, the brain and heart need more oxygen than any other tissue.

Our company import and distribute oxygen therapy equipment such as Oxygen Nasal cannula, Oxygen Mask with Bag, Aerosol Mask Only or Aerosol Nebulizer Mask Cartoon and includes accessories. Many more related to the system that helps patients in breathing and various types of oxygen therapy.

Others about the installation of medical equipment

U.P. Medical Salter Co., Ltd. import and distribute medical equipment including installation. Maintenance of medical equipment such as BP Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Hematocrit Centrifuges, and others, etc., as well as giving advice on medical equipment products that meet the needs and are suitable for use for medical personnel and all customers. Customers can contact us through the company's channels. Either via phone or online, we are happy to provide services and advice on medical equipment.